Two Clay Hands

Two Clay Hands Home

I take unpopular clay

with distinct color and texture

but somehow passed over



And form useful art

dysfunctional functional art

art that surprises me and makes me giggle

funky, quirky, to the left of center

intentionally and wonderfully flawed

Stooped, spiked, or dented

with bold glazes that radiate inner beauty

I observe my world created

with imperfections, quirks and textures

asymmetrical and wonderfully flawed

yet purposeful

and beautiful

I laugh when I make it

and want you to laugh

God has played with me

and I am playing God

From clay I have come

to clay I will return

Two clay hands

informed form

created and creating

Texas raised clay in a variety of functional and dysfunctional forms—from faces, rattles, and wall vases to garden planters, hanging pots, mushrooms, and bird baths—textured with care and glazed to perfection. An emphasis on peculiar clays, captivating shapes, brilliant glazes, and stimulating textures. Stuff from the earth that is out of this world. Ceramic hand-formed beauty. Thug mugs and bug mugs that are shaped from the spinning wheel. Unique earthenware squeezed into life through skilled fingers of clay. Intelligent, beautiful design. A striking presence. Fantastic shapes inspired by life and inspiring a better way of living. Two clay hands.

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